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Copy of Resource Cover - Checklist.png


This easy to use checklist will help you organize the next few months and make sure you don’t miss an essential step to being recruited for the team of your dreams.

Recommendation Letter.png


A guide for teachers and coaches on what you want them to write about in your recommendation letter.

Fill this out and give it to them.  It will give them the most accurate information about you  to actually write you a nice letter.

Resource Cover - Winter Audio.png


Check out this audio for the three things you should be doing during the winter months (Dec - Feb) to help you build confidence for the big day.

scholarhsip chart - cover.png


Use this chart to compare your top three schools and their financial cost to you.

Resource Cover - Juco top 5Audio.png


Check out this audio for the five things that a junior college can offer you during the first 2-3 years of college life.

The Spirit Academy Interpersonal Skills List


Use this small group of words to describe your character traits and your interpersonal skills. 

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