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Online Classes

The Spirit Academy Lab

The Spirit Academy Lab is a place where Cheerleaders and Dancers can take online classes and 'level up' their skills, technique, and knowledge about the sport.

Do You...

❓ Dream of “making” a college team, but struggle to get noticed by college coaches

❓ Need the “How to Guide to College Tryouts” but can’t find it

❓ Have a team in mind but lack the confidence to put yourself out there

❓Have no idea how to even start the process of trying out for a team?

Then The Spirit Academy Lab is for you!

Are you ready for an exciting year learning how to build your confidence for tryouts? 


Have you finally decided to pull the trigger and get serious about your desire to be on a college team?


Are you ready to take your tryout preparation to a ‘ WHOLE ‘nother level?

Arikka Session-138.jpg

In the Lab,

I'll give you EVERY tiny detail that I learned in my coaching life in building confidence in my athletes. I'll give you the EXACT steps on how I coach others on how to CRUSH their college tryout!


I’ll show you:

  • How to BEST prepare for your college clinic!

  • What are SEASONAL steps to get you ready! 

  • How to choose the RIGHT team and school that fits your personality!

  • How to build your confidence that makes coaches notice!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


You’ll have access to me through a private BAND Group full of tryout hopefuls just like you!

So, what do you say?


Are you ready to the first steps toward your college tryout goals?

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