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Top 5 Perks of Attending a Junior College First

The question of whether a junior college is a good option gets brought up to me a lot around the Spring season when college acceptance letters begin to come in. This is something that will definitely pop into your mind at some point during this time and I don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to cheer or dance at the next level.

I know what you're thinking. Why on earth would I want to go to a junior college?

Well first let me help you understand that a junior college or juco is just as much as a college as a 4-year university. A juco is just a post-secondary educational institution normally one to three years that allows you the opportunity to take college classes usually at a minimal cost and then transfer those credits to a four-year college or receive your associate's degree at the end of your core study.

Junior college is exactly what it sounds like. "A bigger University on a smaller scale." Said one of my friends Sarah Blarland Flisowski (Blinn College Head Coach). Meaning it has dorms, a recreational center etc just like a traditional college so you're not going to be missing out on the college experience.

So here's my list of top five things junior colleges/community colleges have to offer a cheerleader or dancer, like YOU!

Number 1: Smaller class sizes

The ratio of student to teacher on the national average is about 15 to 1 according to With smaller class sizes you get to know your professors better and have more one-on-one time with them you get a chance to really dive into the content to make sure that your grades stay up during the semester.

Number 2: It's cheaper

The price for junior college is a lot cheaper than it is for a 4-year University especially straight out the gate.

Scholarship opportunities and classes cost less per hour according to Forbes the biggest advantage to starting a two-year college is the fact that you pay much less as compared to other institutions. The average per credit cost at a two-year public university is $135 that's less than half of the $325 per credit hour at a 4 year school. Also a 4 four-year requires you to have a full-time status to receive scholarships majority of the time.

At a junior college you can take classes as you go so you are going to take less classes but then also have the flexibility to possibly work and do other things so you can gain more money to go to that 4-year University.

Number 3: Get your core classes done

English Math Science Social Studies Etc all those like core classes that you need to take. Why not go ahead and get those out of the way?! Then when you transfer to that four-year University you can focus only on your major classes.

This is helpful especially if you don't even know what you want to major in yet why go to a 4-year University and then have no idea what you are going to do and waste the time and money jumping around.

There's also an increased number of night class offerings at a junior college which will give you more options to work around your schedule during the day. In turn this gives you the opportunity to make money and save up for your future institution.

Number 4: Gives You Time to Adjust

Bigger School means more to adjust to especially if you're coming from a very small high school. There are more students, more options of things to study, more money and more distractions when attending a larger school.

So being closer to home and going to a smaller school might be the avenue for you. Then you can make those adjustments from being away from home, mom's cooking, and all those things easier.

Number 5: A Better Chance to Make the Team

Not many people think of going to a junior college first and then transferring to a bigger school with a more well known team. But just think about it...

  1. You'll have less people trying out for the team

  2. Many junior colleges carry larger team sizes

  3. Bigger scholarship opportunities

Many junior colleges might require less advanced skills to make the team. Then you can work on those skills needed for your transfer school, while still participating in your activity. Many don’t know that junior colleges do go to games and events, as well as compete at nationals.

And to tell you a little hint on the side...

Having a person transfer in who already knows the ends and outs of how college works and has proven they can handle the added responsibility, usually has a leg up in the eyes of a four year university coach. Remember, the cheer and dance world is VERY small. And many coaches know each other or even worked together in the past. It would be an awesome recommendation for your junior college coach to vouch for you when you are considering your transfer.

And that's it! Those are your top five reasons to attend a junior college first before transferring to a 4-year university. Let's recap...

  1. Smaller class sizes

  2. Cheaper price

  3. Get your core classes done and out of the way

  4. Give yourself time to adjust to college life

  5. You have a better opportunity to make the team.

So to help you compare your college options as you begin to narrow them down I created a PDF to assist you. Download The Spirit Academy College Comparison Guide (below) to organize your top three college choices. This chart will help you map out your thoughts and allow you to directly compare your choices of school side by side.

The Spirit Academy College Comparison Guide
Download PDF • 103KB


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