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How to Know if a College Team is Right for You

The overwhelming idea of trying out for a college team can be paralyzing, however it does not have to be. Thinking about all the things that college teams have to do on a yearly basis can make you feel uneasy about trying out. And not to mention that each team will have its own rules, guidelines, expectations, etc that are unique to them.

How does one know which team is the right fit for them?

Well, this is the exact reason why YOU MUST attend a college clinic and I mean attend more than just one. Even if the team is not on your list of potential candidates, you can learn so much from others that will tell you more about your needs at your future home. Let me explain.

Think about that time you purchased an article of clothing online from a NEW store that you have never been in. Remember how terrifying it was to click the payment button and then cross your fingers in the hopes that it would fit when it arrived?

Or what about that formal outfit you wanted to wear to prom? You took months ‘window’ shopping online for the perfect dresses and then went into the store to try it on, only to find out it was not right for your body type.

So I ask you, How do you know you like or will fit in with a certain college team, unless you try them on for size? Only experiencing the team from a researching place only gives you one perspective on what they are all about. Online stalking, webpage scouring , and watching past videos will only get you so far. Remember everyone puts out their BEST stuff for the world to see.

This is exactly what a college clinic is for. During a clinic you can examine first hand what a team is like and how they are structured. You know, like, test driving a car and experiencing all its features before you buy. AKA what it would be like to be on that team.

Just like a car test drive or clothes fitting, you need to take time to make sure it is the right fit. While at your next clinic make sure you answer these three questions:

1. What role is the coaching playing with the team? Ex. Are they a facilitator leading the group from the front and allowing the seniors take charge?

2. What is the relationship of the team members with each other? Ex. Do they laugh and joke from time to time or grouping up in clicks?

3. How does the coach and current team members interact with me? Ex. Do they make you feel comfortable, offer critiques, and answer you questions?

Don’t be afraid of attending a college clinic. Trust me, the coach and team are also nervous as they are on the hunt for the next newest team members and are evaluating YOU as you are evaluating them. They are trying to put their best foot forward as well to attract strong candidates to their team that they feel will be the best fit.

So I ask you, what is the next college clinic you plan on attending?


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