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How to Prepare for Your Tryout Interview: Tell Me About Yourself

The most famous opening question of any interview. Whether it is a job, tryout, or introduction, you will have to answer this question eventually in your life. So let’s break it down and help you formulate an answer that is uniquely YOU.

Remember, by the time you get to this portion of the tryout you have already shown your strengths as a team member through the required skills needed for the team. They already know if you are a strong turner, tumbler, hip hop technician, or have strong motions. They may also have glanced through your resume/application and have a few details about you and your cheer or dance career so far.

This quick introduction of yourself, is the perfect opportunity for you to highlight your interest outside of cheer and dance. In this opening question you will show the judging panel who you are when you are NOT at practice or event in 5-10 seconds.

To start you need to create your opening sentence that will give a quick snapshot of what you do. To help answer this question, ask yourself “What do you identify as your job everyday.” For example my opening sentence would be:

I am a teacher at Red Oak High School where I also coach the cheer team.

Boom that simple. Your opening sentence might talk about the team you are on, what position you hold, and/or a highlight of what you bring to the table for your group, or even what job you currently have (especially if you like it).

It’s ok to also sneak in a fun fact about yourself like:

  • I have 6 siblings

  • I am a twin

  • My family and I care for over 10 different animals

Don’t think too hard about this one. It should come naturally to you, for example:

I am the head captain of the Hilltop Prancers where I am also a member of the student council.

Avoid obvious things like:

  • Grade (your most likely a senior in high school)

  • School location (city and state, things like that)

  • Student Status (of course your a student at XYZ high school)

  • Things they can find on your resume and that don’t bring importance to your life

The next few sentences should cover your interest outside of your cheer and dance obligations. Make a list of what you like to do most during your off time. This can range from hobbies to community groups that you are a part of. Narrow the list down to about 3-4 things that you REALLY love and can talk about for hours with anyone. Wala there you go.

Here is an example of my list:

I like to spend time working on my blog, playing with my pit bulls (Smoke and Ashley), and cooking new recipes for my husband.

Take this opportunity to draw the judging panel in to connect to you right away. You never know, they may have some similar interest as you and ‘bomb’ instant best friends. Just kidding, but it does help when the judges feel that little spark and want to learn more.

That is it! Don’t let this question scare you. Sad to say this is the most simple in comparison to the others. Just talk about yourself, that should be easy. However this question can really throw you off if you are not ready for it.

So now it is your turn… leave in the comments your answer to this question.


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