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It's time to grow UP!

Have you ever heard of the Dallas Sidekick Sizzle Dance Team?

Most likely NOT! The Dallas Sidekicks are a semi-professional indoor soccer team and the Sizzle was the dance team (they are now just called the Dallas Sidekick Dancers). As you can guess from the picture, I was on the team from 2002 - 2004. Making this team was a turning factor in my journey to where I am today and I thank Leslie Shaw Hatchet (P-nut) and Kimberly Rhoads for the amazing opportunity.

After making the team, I learned very quickly that I was not the best dancer on the team, which was a first for me. Every team/group I had been a part of up to this point, I was usually the most talented and/or the most experienced. With the Sizzle, that was not the case. The other talented dancers around me put me in a very uncomfortable position every practice and performance that I was not used to feeling. This was a moment that I either would ‘buck up’ to the challenge or allow my vulnerability to keep me back from something great!

Of course I ‘bucked up’ and pushed through my awkward, tummy twisting, uncomfortable feelings and worked to be better. I am truly thankful for what the Dallas Sizzle Dancer this taught me during my two years with them. I learned how to work harder for what I wanted, how to overcome uncomfortable insecurities and what it meant to be an adult.


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