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Top 3 Questions to Ask Yourself After a Clinic

So you just finished an amazing clinic where you learned…. Like all the things. I mean you have knowledge pouring out your ears from the team style to their day to day operations. Now what do you do with all that amazing information?

You write it all down of course…

Pull out your mobile device or notebook and answer the Top 3 Questions to Ask Yourself After a Clinic.

# 1 : What did I learn about MYSELF during this clinic?

This is the most important question of the three. Taking a moment to reflect on how YOU think you did during the clinic will give you the MOST insight on what you need to work on in the next few months. No matter if you decide on attending this school or not, you must take a look at yourself and investigate your strengths and weaknesses.

  • How well did you adapt to their style?

  • How quickly did you make corrections?

  • What skills did you struggle on?

These are only a few things you need to think about and consider.

# 2 : When is the NEXT clinic and other important dates I need to know?

Keep track of when the next clinic will be so you can plan ahead and attend. Attending as many clinics as possible will not only help you learn more about the team’s style but will also show the coach how you are improving on aspects they are looking for in a team member.

Don’t forget to message the coach and get feedback on what you can improve on for the next clinic and/or tryouts.

Knowing other important dates, for example when tryout registration will open, will help you properly prepare for the next few months.

# 3 : What makes this team SPECIAL or UNIQUE from other teams?

Take a moment to think back to what really stood out to you about this team.

  • Was it their style that you feel in love with?

  • Do they have an amazing team dynamic where everyone feels included?

  • Does the Coach make you feel welcome and like one of the team members already?

No matter what it is make sure to write it down so you don’t forget. This will assist you in comparing your A, B, C choice schools and help you narrow down what exactly you are wanting out of your future home.

Perfect! You have now started your deep dive into one of your school choices. Now keep signing up for all those clinics to gather more and more information. This will not only help you compare schools but will also give you more practice for the big day!

Do you have any questions about today’s post? You are more than welcome to message me in the comments below.


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