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Top 3 Tips to Ace Your College Clinic

It’s Fall clinic season and teams are turning to a virtual format. So… How do you stand out in the crowd of tiny video boxes and get noticed by the coach?

Below is a list of my Top 3 Tips you need to know to ace your virtual clinic.

Tip 1: Dress Like You Are Already on the Team

This is super important to insure you are standing out during your clinic. Help the coach by giving them a visual representation on how you will look when you make the team. Hair should match the teams everyday game day style, make up natural but seen, and the outfit should resemble what the team currently looks like during a practice.

Remember… Some teams require you to wear specific items based on your grade. Don’t forget to check their individual webpages & social media for specific details.

Tip 2: Perform Full Out to Show You're Ready NOW!

Coaches love when team members perform full out, especially in practice. It gives them a chance to see the full picture of the group and what areas need to be improved upon.

So, it is important that you secure a location where you can perform as full out as possible. Take the time to find a great spot where you can execute all your skills and highlight you at your best.

Tip 3: Email the Coach A Thank You

After the clinic is over take the time to email the coach and thank them for the clinic. Take time to ask them some questions that will assist you in making the team. For example:

  • Ask if they have any feedback for you on how to improve for tryouts or the next clinic

  • Find out when the next clinic is so you can put it on your calendar

Close by letting them know how much fun you had and at least one thing you learned by attending.

**WINK WINK** (Bonus Tip!!!)

Congratulations you're now on your way toward a great Virtual Clinic. I hope today’s post gave you some tips on how to put your best foot forward (I mean video square).

Now I want to turn it over to you. Tell me what questions you have about preparing for your upcoming college tryout.

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.


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