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The College Tryout Process Winter Check List

Today’s article will outline the three things you should be working on during the winter season to get ready for your college tryout.

Winter is the perfect time to hone in on things you need for your future college team. Not only is football season winding down and you're working on cleaning routines for competition yet about two to three weeks of uninterrupted time to work on yourself during this break.

So here are the three things you should be doing at this time.

1: Narrow Down Your College Choices

At this point you probably have a list of college options that you're thinking about but now is the time to narrow them down to about three to four at this point.

There's many things that you need to consider when narrowing down the options. Compare the financial packages and perks of each school. Just because the school gave you a big scholarship does not necessarily mean it's the best choice.

One school might cost more than the other when you factor in all costs (tuition, housing, etc.) The scholarship may only cover a portion of these things and both schools will end up still costing the same price.

Another thing to think about is does the team align with your wants and needs from a program? Ask yourself:

  • Are they a competitive team?

  • Do you want to be on a competitive team?

  • Do they check football?

  • Do you not want to cheer up football on a sideline?

Things that you need to think about when you're trying to figure out what schools you should keep on your list and which ones you should take away.

2: Work on Tryout Skills

After you went to that clinic and you answered the Top Three Questions to Ask Yourself After a Clinic.

Check out this link for that article here.

Take those two to three weeks that you have over the break to hone in specifically on what you need.

Is it headspring? multiple pirouettes? a running full?

Now is the time to start working on. Also don’t forget about those new skills that you might not have in your tool box yet.

3: Collect Recommendation Letters

Now that you, our teachers and coaches are on a break ask them to write you those much needed recommendation letters.

Before you leave make sure that you've asked them. Then they can take the time to sit, relax, and sip on their coffee while composing the best recommendation letter for you. Don't stop there, give them The Spirit Academy Recommendation Letter Template as a guide on what you want them to write about.

Download here

Fill this out and give it to them. It will give them the most accurate information about you to actually write you a nice letter.

That's it for today. I hope these three tips will help you narrow down your college list and help you on your journey towards a confident tryout season.


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